Friday, April 13, 2012

First Letter

We got  Jacob's first letter.  The one they take you in and have you write that first day so moms don't come and get their boys.  It was great.  He sounds better already.  I am going to transcribe it and I hope he wont mind.  (Knowing Jacob. he will be mad. Oh well.)
Ok family,
I am doing fine. I miss you so bad my teeth hurt but I am going to do it.  It helps to think of Christ.  He left his home above which, believe it or not, is bigger than our family, and he did not just go for two years. He went for 30 long years and he did not get to fly home. He atoned for all our sins and then was crucified. So it is not so bad when you look at it that way.  But if I look at it from my end I start to cry. So I will forget myself and go to work.  I love you all more now than I ever have before. I miss all of you so much, even all your snoring and I just love all of you so that I can't even breathe.
PS. Will you send me some hangers for the closet. I forgot them. I miss you too much.
Love Jacob or Elder Esplin
PPS Tell Lawrence I met and old friend of his Junichi Maeda. He will know who it is

I bet that first week is hard and lonely.  I just want to keep it so Logan, Isaac, and Zachary will know what to expect.  I also want Jacob to have it to show his sons when they go on missions. .  

Shouldn't This Be Easier

On April 11, 2012 we took Jacob to the MTC.  Unloaded his luggage and drove away and left him.  He did give me a monster bear hug as only Jacob can, before we left.  That will have to last two years.  At least I do know it goes by and they do come home better than ever.

We went up on Tuesday and I was going to stop at Janett's or Heidi's but Jacob did not want to.  He just wanted to be with his family and not have to be "sociable."  He was so nervous and was just so quiet when he wasn't talking to his brothers.  We did stop and do a tour of Cove Fort and meet up with Kaber.  That worked out good.  It is quite the journey traveling with all ten of us.

At the MTC we got there way early and took a ton of pictures.  One with Jacob and each sibling to use as a growth measurement.  It is amazing how much each of my boys grow in two years.  Logan freaked out Kaber when he came back and Christopher was amazed by how much Isaac grew.  Who knows, perhaps Zachary will grow to surprise Jacob.

At the MTC Zachary and I were the ones shedding tears.  Then you just drive him to the curb, get him out and his luggage and drive way.  It is so hard to just leave your boy for two years.  It is amazing the growth they have, though.

What was just crazy was that we forgot to get his other suit out of the car.  After we ate lunch and were rearranging things in the back, Zachary said, "Isn't that Jacob's" So we had to take it to the MTC and leave it with someone that said they would get it to Jacob.  They did not even let us in the building.  They met us in the parking lot.  It was an adventure.  I hope he got it.

I am going to try to keep up with this blog because I love the books we made for Kaber and Christopher. It is a great way for them to remember stuff.  Feel free to share this address with anyone that you want.  I am leaving it public as a missionary tool.  Who knows, perhaps someone whose son is going to the same mission may want to read it.