Sunday, February 24, 2013

Elder Esplin Speaks in Church

Today we went to St. George to listen to the other Elder Esplin speak in church.  His name was K.C. Esplin and he served with Jacob until last week.  It was so fun listening to  him talk about his mission.  He was with Jacob less than a week ago.  He spoke about the family they were working with just as he was leaving.  The father was just baptized last Sunday and Jacob was confirming him today.  It makes me so excited to think of these young men changing peoples lives for the better.   I love that they give up two years of their life to help others.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jacob Update

So Jacob was companions with an Elder Esplin from St. George.  As of January 14 to this Wednesday.   I really want to go down to St. George and meet this young man.  He flies into St. George Wednesday night.  I think he is talking in church next Sunday.  They made a great team though.   The Elder Esplin that was not Jacob was AP until his last transfer and he wanted to go back to his favorite town he had served in before.  He went back to Waterville and ended up with Jacob.  The two Elder Esplins have been working really hard.  He had a baptism the end of January and another one on February 17th.  Both were young men. He loves where he is now.  I think the members there just got to know him.  Here is a bit of news that shocked me.  Any how, things you might want to know: last Sunday, as in yesterday, I sang in the choir and I have been singing in a choir since I came out.  I must not be too bad.  No one has kicked me out yet.  It has been wicked cold for the past week.   I will come home saying wicked.  Every one up here does.  This last week is the first time on my mission that we taught 20 lessons in one week.  That is about it. 

The Big Winter Storm

Jacob was affected by the big storm the smashed New England.  This video is is from Hartford Connecticut, which is a bit south of Jacob and got more snow.
He was fine though.
Here is his email from after the storm.
I was in fact affected by that storm.  We were snowed in all day on Saturday and then there was a break yesterday for church and now it is back at it.  There was 2 feet the first day and it has not stopped snowing the whole day.  We just had a district p day. I love my district.  There are a set of elders and a set of sisters and both sets have a member of my MTC district in them.  It is so fun.  Any how, the work is going so good.  We have a baptism this Sunday.  This guy is the real deal.  He is so committed to the church, it is awe inspiring.   I love you all so much.  As for the CDs, just send me anything. If it is from you I will love it.  I like hymns sung in cool arrangement's so just do your best and I will love it.  LOVE E. J. Esplin