Thursday, June 7, 2012

Letter From Jacob June 7, 201

Jacob must be getting into the swing of things.  Ever since he has been out he has written at least two or sometimes three letters a week.  This week we only got one.  He writes to us on Monday and emails on Tuesday.  We try to send him only one letter a week but that is from Dad and Mom so sometimes he get two and sometimes we write for Family Home Evening and he gets 10.  I am switching to postcards for a little while just cause they are fun.  Here is his letter that came today.

Hi family,
Thanks you so much for all the horses and the gun and the five dollars.(Isaac gave him $5 just for fun.)  I loved all of them.  I just used the five to do my laundry.  It is crazy. Every time I have needed money you would have already sent me some.  It is truly amazing how much the Lord watches over his missionaries through their families. 

By the time you read this I will have already have driven the car., which I am kinda worried about because people drive all kinds of crazy up here. But I will just trust in the Lord and take what ever comes my way because Luke 1:37.  

Anyhow. How is everyone doing?  Does Zachary like being a teenager now?  How are Mom and Dad doing now that their youngest son is a teenager? 

Well I have some bad news.  Robert did not come to church twice now.  His nephew cam up and is living with him and I think he might be a bad influence.  So I will pray for him and try to tell him how important the church is.  I sometimes wish I could just let people feel the love I feel from the God Head, then I know that they would do anything to feel that love all the time.  I know God is real.  That his Son suffered for all our sins and that Joseph Smith did see them both and they called him to open this dispensation and gave him all the tools necessary to do so - including the priesthood. Which is the power and authority to act in Gods name on Earth.  I know that I have that same priesthood and my family is led by that priesthood as well.  I love my family.  I love everything about all of you an d you are the way you are because of the church.  That is what I am doing out here.  Helping to make families like our's.  Sharing that light with everyone I meet in hopes that a family will walk out of the darkness into the light.  The hard part is that they have to walk that path on their own.  I am there to tell them the way and it makes my heart hurt when they start walking and things get hard so they turn around and walk the other way.  But that's agency.  Everyone has a choice to make and make every day.  You are either coming closer to eternal life or farther away.  So think, "Is this thing I am doing bringing me closer or not!  

Love, Elder Esplin

PS Yes or No on the whip and could you send me some new CDs.  The music policy here is super hard core.  They wont even let me listen to Treck or the Missionary CD so could you all burn me a CD with all the same songs but put a hmn or two in between it has to be 75% hymns.  I would love that so much.  Love Elder Esplin

He sounds like he is doing good.  It is so fun getting his letters. 

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