Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kittery, Maine

Jacob's first area is Kittery, Maine.  He flew out on April 30.  He was able to call us from the air port. He called at about 7:00 am.  We were in the midst of morning chaos.   He was using quarters and did not have enough so I almost did not get to talk to him at all but then he borrowed a quarter from his companion so I was able to talk to him for 1 minute.  He talked to Dad for about 5 minutes then about 30 seconds to 2 minutes for Christopher, Isaac, Zachary, Rebekah and Kaitlyn.  When it was finally  my turn I talked for one minute and it hung up.  When I was done I burst into tears.  I had to wait a while before I could finish putting on my make up.

I called his mission office on Tuesday morning because I wanted to mail some letters to him.  The office secretary was so nice.  She told me what a wonderful son I had and gave me his address and told me it was a great area.  I can't wait to hear from him directly.  I did find out what Amy had told me.  There is another Elder Esplin in the Manchester, New Hampshire mission.  He is from southern Utah too.  I am sure they are related.

It is only a week and a half until he can call for Mother's Day.  That is going to be my day.  I will get to talk to him first and the longest.  I can hardly wait.
Here is the nice letter that the mission sent me.


2 Bedford Farms Drive Suite #208
Bedford, New Hampshire 03110-6525
Office Phone: (603) 471-3285

May 2, 2012

Richard and Susan Esplin
360 West State Street
Orderville, UT 84758

Dear Brother and Sister Esplin,

It is a pleasure to report that your missionary son, Elder Jacob Scott Esplin, has arrived safely in the New
Hampshire Manchester Mission. Although he was tired due to a full day of travel, he is in fine spirits. I
have interviewed him and found him ready and willing to serve the Lord.

We have prayerfully selected a companion to serve as a trainer for your son. Only the finest young men
are selected for this vital assignment. His apartment address and companion are listed below:

His Trainer and companion:
Elder Devin Matthew Hatc

Apartment address:
Elder Jacob Scott Esplin
5 A Commercial Street
Kittery, ME 03904

We know you join with us in desiring that Elder Esplin be a successful and devoted missionary. Your
weekly letters of encouragement and love are essential elements in his development. You may write
directly to his personal address or you may send letters to the mission office address that is printed
above, and they will be forwarded. Please write his first as well as his last name on the envelope
especially since we have two Elder Esplins in the mission. You may also communicate with your
missionary through the church e-mail service only. Our missionaries are allowed to send and receive e-
mails to and from immediate family only on Mondays, their preparation day.

If you wish to send packages, please be advised that the best way to handle those that you are mailing
to the mission office is First Class, Priority, or Express Mail through the US Postal Service. UPS, &
Fed-X, or other carriers will not forward packages without additional postage. In case of an emergency,
your missionary can be reached by telephone through the Mission Office or the Mission Home. Sister
Wilkey and I take seriously our responsibility to watch over and take care of our missionaries.

We thank you for the opportunity to share this marvelous time with your son. We rejoice in the great
blessings that will come to many wonderful people here in northern New England because of Elder
Esplin’s devotion to the work of the Lord.

With Best Regards,

David L. Wilkey
President, New Hampshire Manchester Mission

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